Red Dragon’s 4 Main instructors


With over 40 years of Karate experience between the main 4 instructors.  They all have other skills such as teacher training qualifications, first aiders and child safeguarding.  We ensure that we offer the best training of our abilities & knowledge.

Training is more than just time served (however if an instructor has only been training for 3-4 years then that means that they have limited experience).

Being an instructor also means that you also need to teach in a clear fashion.  Be able to demonstrate the technique and if its one you cannot perform then get someone to demonstrate who can (we’re all not experts in all techniques!).

Our instructors all have a minimum of 12 years each of Karate training, but also have additional skills and modern day life skills.  These skills include first aid officers and trainers, karate instructor training qualifications etc.

Some clubs just rely on their time served, these clubs may not teach in the best way for you.

Are they good role models?

We like to think that Red Dragon Karate is a family club, and we want it to be a friendly and encouraging club that has its members at its core.  Always remember there is no club if there are no members.

Get to know the instructors, speak to them, if possible see what they post on facebook.  You may be surprised by how they come across and what they do behind closed doors.  Would you feel comfortable in their presence or your childs if you don’t like what they post and say outside the club?

Continuous Personal Development ( CPD )

In addition to our 3 main instructors, we also have other members of the club who can train in other areas and help keep the club rolling along.  These additional club members have vital roles and are essential and appreciated in the work they do.

As instructors we are wanting to improve our own training, techniques and skills and pass them onto students.  Where as some clubs may just carry on with the status Quo, lesson after lesson, we don’t.

We are providing our instructors with continuous training, visiting other clubs, attending seminars, attending external courses such as Child Safeguarding and Instructor training.

Steven Matzen

4th Dan

As a 4th Dan  Steve has been studying Karate for over 17 years.  With vast knowledge of history, world wide instructors and an eye for detail within techniques  Steve is an ideal teacher to new and old students alike.  Sensei Steve is the head instructor for Red Dragon Karate.

Tomasz Nisciur

5th Dan

Tom has over 15 years experience of karate, Krav Maga and competitions.  Tom is very enthusiastic about the best ways to develop power for the core, balance and speed.  With extensive travel and training with various highly ranked Sensei’s , Tom has a vast of knowledge.  Tom is also one of our First aiders and our Polish Translator, and passed his 5th Dan in 2021.

Craig Roberts

2nd Dan

Craig has been training in Karate since he was 15 and reached the level of 1st Dan in early 2016 and 2nd Dan in 2020. Craig has entered competitions as a teenager whilst training with the KUGB.  With a QCF (PTTLS) qualification Craig helps to pull together training plans. Craig is also our risk assessor, First aid trainer, social media / website expert and a child safeguarding officer.

Stuart Cooper

1st Dan

Stuart has been studying karate since his teenage years.  Stuart passed his 1st Dan in Jan 2019 and is now one of our teaching instructors at Red Dragon Karate.  Sensei Stuart is usually found attending seminars and sessions in Karate and other styles to re-enforce his knowledge and experience.

Mel Whalley

3rd Kyu

Mel is our club administrator and co-organiser for events, licenses, social interaction and general club running. Mel practices karate as much as possible, however due to physical hip conditions this is not as often as she would like, however this attitude of not giving in and making the most of what you can do is admirable. There are a lot of karate-ka who would hit a wall and give in, however Mel carries on.