Karate Training

We like to do a mix of basics, kata, sparring and bunkai weekly.  These are the core modules of Karate, Kumite, Kata and Kihon (basics).  We do not focus on any element more that the others, as they are all as important as each other.

For new members we like to ensure that you understand the basics and are confident in them before introducing more dangerous or harder techniques.  Some clubs throw new members, even new children in at the deep end doing advanced moves and kata’s.  We do not feel that this way is an effective way of teaching new starters and can and will likely have adverse effects on their confidence and willingness to continue.

This type of training can give karate clubs a bad name.  We want to be different, and we hope we are.

During normal practice we use bare hands and feet, strike pads, focus mits and floor mats.  We do use contact, but not full contact, therefore we advise that males wear groin guards (both adults and teens).