Thinking of starting karate as a new member?

Members first lesson

As new members starting your first Karate class, can be very daunting, it shouldn’t be, we’ve all been there ourselves.  Every black belt started as a white belt, nervous, anxious and wanting to start.

At Red Dragon Karate, we want you to feel supported and welcomed into our club.

To join the fastest growing club in the area, all you need to do is

  • Turn up, sounds simple but having the initiative to turn up is the biggest step.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes such as joggers and T’shirt (you will get hot, that’s part of the training)
  • Arrive up to 10 minutes before class starts (19:00 class starts prompt) – Times can be found here
  • Make yourself known to any of the black belts (find out who they are here) and you will be told where to stand and what to do to start with.
  • Follow what the existing students do as best as possible and try to enjoy it.  This is your first step on a possible long journey.

No-one is able to do everything perfectly, that’s why it takes years to get to the black belt, so don’t worry about how good or bad you feel you are.

Persevere and keep training and you will improve and you will enjoy not only the training but also the friends you will make in our club, clubs we’re connected with and members world wide.


And after?

Once you have attended a couple of lessons and decide that you wish to continue, then you will need to purchase a license from us, this is your insurance and is required.  When you feel you are ready you can then think about purchasing a karate gi (karate suit), these can also be purchased through us and we can get the logo embroidered onto it as well.  (For more information and prices visit here)

This simple guide should help you get over the initial step of attending.  Once you attend lessons you will feel more at ease, and will start to relax.  We do not expect any student to master any techniques on the first lesson, second or hundredth, you work at your own pace and own ability.

Good luck and we’ll see you soon.