Where do we train?

On Mondays & Thursdays we train at St Barnaba’s Church hall on West Street (opposite Frank Webb Ave).  There is ample free parking outside and a large training area inside.

Training starts at 19:00 and finishes at 20:00 for children and junior grades, 20:30 for senior grades.

We have plenty of seating for parents who wish to watch the class, or maybe you don’t feel confident in starting on your first visit, then why not just watch and see what we do?

As a new starter you will be taken in with the other new starters and introduced slowly to what we do.

Additional Training

Whilst we train twice a week, we encourage students to practice in their own time.  Balance, kicks and blocks as well as stretching needs to be included in your normal weekly routine to get the best from lessons.  If you are not sure of moves, kata’s or combinations, then ask the black belts who will happily help.

There is an abundance of video’s and tutorials on the internet, some are good and some are bad.  What might look nice, might not be effective, and what looks messy and unorthodox may be deadly.

The only way to become effective is by training hard and regular.

We also encourage students to attend seminars and courses where they can, this helps improve your Karate and helps you meet similar like minded karateka.