Another brilliant nights training at Red Dragon Karate.  The class started with the introduction of 4 new faces, it’s always nice to have new faces in the club and at the end we had brilliant feedback from them regarding how much they enjoyed the training.

The class started to perform Ippon Kumite, and it was noted to senior grades that they were relying on a single counter to finish the fight, whether it be a punch to the face, elbow to the ribs or similar.  Single counters are fine for low grades and perfecting a single technique, however for senior grades or in the event of a real attack, a single counter might not be enough and the attacker might continue.  We have been trained like this for years and so it has become 2nd nature.  At Red dragon we want to ensure that our senior grades know when a single technique is to be used and when they need to carry on the combo until the attacker is finished.

This became a fun, yet very effective training drill, especially when we told them not to use reverse punch and think about open hand and finger strikes and to target vulnerable areas such as eyes, throat, kidneys, groin, inner knees and even hair pulling to take your opponent down to the ground and then we practised locking and controlling on the floor.  This made for very effective self defence training.

The lower grades then did some basic escapes from grabs and holds, explaining that force isnt always required and is sometimes better.

The class then finished with kata and some 1 to 1 training for some students to polish up before their gradings.